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What Rules Exists To Protect A President From Potential Cong

PostNapisane: 16 paź 2019, o 02:18
przez Sidney19
The present administration would have us believe that Israel is occupying Palestinian land and, as a result, is mistreating the Palestinians. After all, in last month's Middle East address, the president called Israel an "occupier". So what, pray tell, is Israel "occupying"? Never mind that the Palestinians have never been a nation and, therefore, have never owned one inch of the Middle East; never mind that Israel, today, is sitting on less land than it was given by the U.N. Did he not look at the text of his speech before Congress? However, the president keeps trying. Recently, President Obama conveyed to Israel if talks between Israel and the Palestinians were restarted, the talks themselves would dissuade the Palestinians from pursuing a U.N. Palestinian state. But, the Palestinians did not get the memo on this, as the Palestinian negotiator of the talks declared that the Palestinians will continue to push for the U.N. This shows one more reason for Israel not to trust President Obama or the Palestinians-one more reason why Israeli leaders should not consider working with either party. What does all of this issue have to do with Bible prophecy?